The Uniqueness of Christianity
by Alan Myatt

        Are all religions the same?

by Kathy Myatt

        Can it be known and does it matter?

Who is Jesus, Anyway?
by Alan Myatt

        What about the Jesus Seminar and New Age claims concerning Jesus Christ?

Conversations with Atheists

    This is a series of forum discussions between me (Alan) and some atheists (and others) in which I tried to get the atheists to see that atheism is not rational.  I argued not only that atheism is inherently irrational, but indeed, it ultimately destroys the possibility of rationality.  Therefore, the only rational thing to do is abandon atheism and accept  the Christian theistic alternative.  I never got a satisfactory response.  My conclusion:  atheism requires the suicide of the intellect.  The choice is clear:  Jesus or the void.

Liberation Theology   (.pdf)
by Alan Myatt

    A basic introduction and response to Liberation Theology written some years ago. Not a bad place to start for those interested, but needs to be followed by a more up to date treatment.
Teologia Sistemática