Moving In

I decided to make a new start at keeping a blog.   I also decided to switch to Word Press.  It seems to be a simpler and more stable platform for the long term than Nucleus.  I think it will make my efforts more productive.  So let’s get started with some ground rules for participation.

I would like for this blog to be a place for open and productive discussion, where topics can be debated in a friendly manner. Now, this does not mean that tough and forceful statements may not be made, but attacks should be reserved primarily for ideas rather than people. In any case, it seems like a good idea to establish some ground rules for comments. So here goes.

Blog Rules

Be respectful. Ideas may be challenged and mocked – but generally speaking, people should not be the subject of ridicule. If you make a generalization about someone or something, be ready to back it up.

The same goes for snarky and sarcastic comments. Use them sparingly and be prepared to support any assertions or accusations with hard facts and evidence.

You are a guest here. Please behave like you are a guest in my home.

No profanity. Period. Violators will be banned.

No flaming. No personal attacks – except in extraordinary circumstances.

Refrain from name calling. Labels applied to people should be supported by facts.

Stay on topic. Off topic comments will be deleted.

You must be a member to comment. This means I know who you are and how to get in touch with you. Anonymous comments will not be allowed except in rare, special cases.

It’s my blog. While I will strive to be fair, I will determine when someone crosses the line. If I decide to break the rules, it’s my prerogative. If I make comments on your blog I will strive to follow the same rules. If you don’t like the rules here, you are free to go elsewhere.

Comments will be disabled on some posts. At times I will want to make a statement about something, or share a link, that for whatever reasons I deem appropriate, will not be open for discussion.

I reserve the right to terminate a discussion thread at any time; My work load is heavy and my time is limited. My failure to respond in all cases is not an indication of surrender. In some cases, I am reserving material for book projects and articles I am working on.

Have fun! This is the most important rule.