You Don’t Need a Dad

It seems that it is an article of faith among advocates of “gay marriage” and radical feminism that children do not need fathers. The rights of homosexual couples to construct artificial families appears to trump the rights or needs of children to have a father and a mother. Indeed, merely raising the question of whether or not this is best for the children is sufficient to trigger the social and intellectual lynching of any scholar who would dare suggest such a thing. Just watch the explosion of outrage in this example (beginning at about 6:55).

Note how any rational discussion of the evidence is cutoff by the vicious and vitriolic nature of the response. It’s as if the display of outrage vindicates the claim to perpetual victim status. What is missing is any sense that parents exist to promote the well-being of children and to meet their needs. The gay lobby seems to think that kids exist to meet the needs of adults.