Credo – Worldview

2nd post in series. Post 1 is here.

Before plunging in, I thought it would be helpful to give a brief description of what I mean by the term ‘worldview’. This is especially for those who might be unfamiliar with some of the ways that philosophers and theologians have defined how we think about things, or for those who have never had me for a theology or apologetics course. I want to give a short overview of the categories that I am using to define what a worldview is, and show how it fits together to give a comprehensive way of looking at our beliefs and lifestyle. Of course, there are different ways of getting at this. I am not claiming that this is the only or even the best way to understand worldview. It is just one way that I find helpful.
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Credo – Starting Points

I’m going to do a series of posts outlining some basic points of my worldview. My purpose is not so much to offer a defense, as a statement with some exposition/explanation.  That  does not mean that no reasons will be offered for why I hold these positions, but that my purpose here is informative and descriptive, rather than apologetic and prescriptive.  My goal is to provide the context necessary for making sense of other affirmations and positions that are articulated and defended in this blog.  Whether one agrees with me or not, my hope is that it will be clear how it all fits together.  I do not intend to engage in lengthy polemics or apologetics in comments, when they are enabled.  That is not to say that I could not do so.  Rather it is a question of focusing on a particular purpose for this series.

In this first post, I want to simply raise the main question confronting us as we seek to build a reasonable worldview by which we may live.  In my next post I will begin to outline a response.  Understanding the nature of the question is crucial, so I want to focus here first.  Here is the question as I see it:

What is ultimately real?  What is the nature of that which is finally, the one concrete, necessary, final, and unavoidable reality that is back behind everything else.
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