The Proof Text Bible

I came up with a new business idea. I wrote the advertising copy. I just need a software person to write the code!
Announcing the PROOF TEXT BIBLE!

Having trouble winning arguments? Do your deacons and elders constantly question and resist your direction? Does your spouse express doubts that your decisions are biblical? Are you at a loss as to what to do when you really need some Bible verses to support your theology? Then we have the answer for you! It`s the new PROOF TEXT BIBLE – the latest in convenient Bible software applications to improve your personal study and ministry.

How does it work? It`s easy. Just formulate the idea or theological point that you need supported into a short, pithy phrase and input it into the program. Within seconds THE PROOF TEXT BIBLE will generate the Bible verses you need to support your unique ideas, complete with exegesis, explanations and rationalizations to counter any objections.

You need the PROOF TEXT BIBLE! It slices! It dices! It chops pericopes into any shape and size needed to get your point across! The PROOF TEXT BIBLE will enable you to perform feats of exegetical gymnastics that will amaze and convince even your toughest critics.

Spice up your weekly sermons and dazzle your congregation! With the PROOF TEXT BIBLE software, you can persuade your deacons to get on board with that new project, with incredible proofs of scriptural support. In no time the PROOF TEXT BIBLE will help you whip your church in shape and have those tithes flowing in.

The PROOF TEXT BIBLE is guaranteed to take any idea you can come up with and transform it into a fully supported divine truth! Order yours and start vanquishing your theological foes today!

Act fast, while the special discount of $19.99 is in effect.

And now you can customize your PROOF TEXT BIBLE with these exciting add-on modules: the Special Left Behind Dispensational module, the Free-Will Arminian module (with Open Theism option), Super Reformed-Calvinist module (with five distinct predetermined options for each point), the special Charismatic Name-it-and-Claim-it Prosperity module, and the Roman Catholic module, complete with Apocrypha. In addition we have the new Progressive Liberal module with all miracle passages expunged!

We will also custom design a unique PROOF TEXT Bible for your individual theological predisposition! (Added fees may apply).

Also in development, the PROOF TEXT KORAN and the PROOF TEXT BOOK OF MORMON.